The Brethren in Action Treating a Horrible Jigger Outbreak


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December 7th, 2023 we were asked for help to eradicate Jiggers we found eating the feet, hands, elbows, etc. For just $5 per person, we learned and acted to do the 14 day treatment and they are walking again. We reached out to a “non-profit” initially multiple times that is supposed to work to eradicate Jiggers in Kenya but as per usual, no return call or email. Most are corrupt.

So, we immediately sprung into action. Please, help us as 1.5 million in Kenya alone have life altering jiggers and they are disabling many. Below are the many communications from the mission field and what a blessed one. We 1st knew about this December 7th, 2023. We sprung into action and changed the lives of over 200 precious souls. Take the time to go through these messages. This is what we do day in and out, for Jesus. Don’t forget to click the 2 links below as another indigenous missionary, Joseph, did the exact same thing for many in Siaya, Kenya. Click on the 1st picture then use the > arrow to scroll through them.

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