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Everyone at Global Mission for Children is thrilled to announce our 1 year anniversary! Here are some achievements this past year thanks to our faithful supporters. We are so grateful to all our missionaries and are happy to note we are still 100% volunteer so every penny is used to give these children a chance at life.

1st Kenya Well Dug

On behalf of the people of Shitaho Village in Kakamega-Kenya I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for funding the only well that will serve the 1200 people who live here. Our Children will have access to clean water and they will no longer get water borne diseases! They will no longer walk many miles in search of clean water. GMFC Missionary Pastor Julius Makanji – More here.

600 More Children Feed

We are so blessed to announce that we are able to feed 600 more children this on the island of Uno, Guinea Bissau year thanks to our Child Sponsors! Please sponsor a child today and save a life! See more here.

Graduating Class 2012

The 1st GMFC missionary school on the island of UNO, Guinea Bissau. What an incredible blessing as they will work side by side with our missionaries as we expand to other islands. Not only are your donations saving lives but will make a difference to these people for eternity as they spread the word of Christ to the lost for generations to come. More information here.

Please sign-up for our monthly newsletter here. Spread the word! Sponsor a child in need!

God bless-


God Bless our Child Sponsors

Everyone at www.globalmissionforchildren.org would like to thank our faithful donors. Our 1st year is approaching in a few months and we appreciate all of you who have taken that leap of faith to partner with us. Our missionaries continue to do the work of our Lord Jesus and we could not be blessed with more dedicated individuals that risk their lives day after day in the most desolate and dangerous areas of the world to help the less fortunate.

Please help us spread the word. We are so incredibly happy to announce that 100% of ALL donations will continue to be used for food, medicine, education, etc. Not a dime goes to salary! Our faithful founders continue to fund the operations so all your donations go to the children and their communities.

God bless you and please spread the word!

GMFC welcomes the children of Niger/ Africa

Beloved of God; I greet you with the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus. We have received the information this month and the photos of the children in Niger for those interested in sponsor a child. Many of them have no father or mother. Some do not really know neither the day they were born, their ages are only an estimate. Those who have parents are the minority and yet were never registered at the registry office. This is the chaotic situation in which these children are. Our missionaries are really suffering constantly contracting diseases that has plagued the region especially children. We urge you to assist in prayer for these projects in Niger, and please, consider sponsor one of these children. For just $1.00 a day, you will be saving this child from dying of hunger and helping her to grow into the hands of missionaries who will be teaching God’s Word and Christ’s love for mankind to all of them. We do not discriminate any child that his parents are from another religion. The missionaries and we love all children and all people with the love that Christ taught us to love and show that love through food supplies, medicine and shelter that we can provide for these needy children. Therefore please, do not wait more for hundreds of children die of hunger, adopt a child in Niger today and be a partner in God’s work to save these children in Jesus name. May the Lord richly reward you  and your family.

Pastor Wilson Westphal, Co-Founder  GMFC.

Our Good Lord is touching hearts!

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Dear people of God. This is Pastor Wilson. Grace and peace to you from our good Lord who is touching hearts. I just wish to express my joy at receiving the great news that James Miller, one of our founders, has just announced that 50% of the profit of his telecommunications company will be donated to the missions that Global Mission For Children supports. For all of  us and for the missionaries who are in great difficulties is really an answer from God to relieve at least some villages who are living in extreme poverty and misery on the island of Uno in Guinea-Bissau. We give all the praise and glory to our good Lord who touched James heart in such way. We pray that other entrepreneurs can also be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and dedicate some percentage of their profits to alleviate the sufferings of so many other villages and towns that are experiencing great distress and misery. The missionaries are now also entering into the island called Formosa near Uno and there are 14 villages with numerous children and elderly dying of hunger and disease. Dear businesspeople, let the Spirit of God also touch you and bless you today. Please log in to the website www.globalmissionforchildren.org and donate any amount you can to alleviate the suffering of these children and these brave missionaries who are on the islands under strong rains, cold, and often even starvation to bring relief to those souls. Please do your part too. Proverbs 21: 13 says: “Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard”. Please dear children of God, do not shut your ears to the cry of the poor in such times like these, but open your heart and the Lord will open His to your family and business. Make your donation today. May God bless you, your family, and your business in Jesus’ Name.

Pr. Wilson Westphal

Praises to God and all of you who cares for mission and people in need.

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Hello everyone and thank you for your prayers and donations to this ministry. We had a wonderful press release and many media news posted our information on their websites. Please let’s continue on our prayers for the missionaries in Africa and Asia. Now it is the raining season and they are back and forth bringing food and medicines to the islands. It is a very dangerous season with a lot of storms and strong rains that can jeopardize the traveling boats causing accidents and damages. Also keep in mind that on this season more people get sick with many bacterias that comes with the rains. There are no crops any more because of the rain and this is also the time that they suffer with hunger.
God bless you abundantly for your prayers and donations to this ministry.
Rev. Wilson and Andrea Westphal

Thanks and praise to our good Lord for our brave missionaries in Guine-Bissau

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Dear brothers in Christ, I greet you with peace and grace of the Lord Jesus. Here is the pastor of Global Mission For Children Pastor Wilson. I just want to leave registered my praise to God for the people who do God’s work in a manner so sacrificial and give their lives for the souls doing missions in places such distant, difficult and dangerous, as the missionaries of Guinea-Bissau Jose Elson and Sirlene. This ministry of Global Mission For Children is fully committed to missions and missionaries like them. These missionaries help poor families by bringing medicine and food for hungry children, by providing shelter and preaching the word of God to comfort their heart. If you’re a Christian who really feel Jesus’ love for souls, the needy, the children who are hungry and cold and suffering from abuse, consider adopting a poor child from Guinea-Bissau. The Word of God tells us in Proverbs 19:17: “He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord , and He will pay back for your benefit.” You will surely be blessed by God for your act of love and compassion for these children. Please go right now to the website www.globalmissioforchildren.org click the option number 3 to choose a child from the list and do your part in this work. I pray to God to richly bless you and your loved ones in Jesus’ name. Pastor Wilson Westphal

Thank you for visiting Global MIssion for Children’s Blog

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Global Mission for Children is a Christian Church global outreach with missionaries in the poorest countries in Africa for the past 9 years. We are the ONLY relief organization on the island of UNO, Guinea Bissau where there is no running water, no electricity and no hope except our missionaries and we desperately need your help. We are personally funded by the board of directors and 100% of all donations go directly to the mission fields. Please take just a few minutes to review our site and you will see why you are desperatly needed to bless our missionaries for only $1 per day. You will literally save childrens lives! One dollar per day does not sound like it would save or change a life but it is an absolute fact it does. Many of the diseases that are killing in excess of 24,000 Children per day in Africa alone can be cured for a dollar or two. YOUR seed in our ministry will be a larger blessing than you can imagine.

God bless you, your loves ones and all the children that need the love of Jesus.