July, 2016

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The Abundant Harvest from the Kenya Mission Trip

Below is the 1st report after we returned from our Kenya mission trip to visit brothers Moses, Haron and so many others. The memories, blessings and friendships that were made on that trip will be cherished forever. The unity between all GMFC partners is such a blessing and all the glory goesRead More

Bros William & Joshua Preach to Muslims with Great Wisdom

The 1st of many videos I will be uploading over the next few days from our mission trip to Kenya! Here you will see dear brothers William & Joshua explain the biblical way to preach to muslims, with knowledge. You need to study to shew yourselves approved before you goRead More

Pray for Brother Wayne!

Special prayer request! We just got word from Mexico that our dear brother Wayne Searfoss is in the hospital. He is very sick and your prayers are appreciated for him and his family including his wife Meggie. He has been a preacher of righteousness and a missionary not only inRead More

Are You Your Brothers Keeper?

Special Article to go with Appendix 1 for Ageless Conflict Study It is such a great work for a soul to be brought to repentance and come under Christ’s reign. Yet is difficult as that is, in a sense that is just the initial phase of a person coming to ultimately beingRead More