The Abundant Harvest from the Kenya Mission Trip

Below is the 1st report after we returned from our Kenya mission trip to visit brothers Moses, Haron and so many others. The memories, blessings and friendships that were made on that trip will be cherished forever. The unity between all GMFC partners is such a blessing and all the glory goes to God. The letter below was written by brother Moses, it speaks for itself.

Glory be to God.
I thank God for his mercies upon us all. We are doing well as a ministry as we continue to reap the good fruits for the kingdom of God after the very spiritually successful conference and mission trip that you brought us in June.
I would like to give  you an update of then and now. I would first want to thank God and you for bringing the whole team and choosing me to the host of this memorable event. Our time together was a big blessing to me and my family. It was easy staying with you, you are a real brother. You respected me and my family and that really humbles me. You humbled enough to be hosted by us…may the Lord God of heaven bless you. I leaned a lot from, your patience, your love, longsuffering etc, when there were really reasons for you to get worked up, you kept your cool and spoke in love. I admire you. You are my role model and as the Apostle Paul was a spiritual father to Timothy, I am comfortable being a spiritual son to you. My wife and children also love you and are always talking about you. God bless you.
I want to begin with an update on street preaching that we did. It was of great impact because many of those we preached to who took my number have been calling, and yesterday, one traveled about 40 kilometers to be in church! They have been calling asking for bibles and the 30+ copies that you left me with I have given them all out already. Looking at the harvest that we are getting after the street preaching, I pray that when God gives you grace to come next time, we will have more of that in a more organized manner. I want to believe that next time so that when settle on a place to open-air preach, we spend more time preaching, sharing and interacting with them. I have a feeling we were leaving too fast and that was mostly my doing. Next time we will make more time to preach, pray for the sick and also have some fellowship while street preaching. Another thing is we will need to have enough bibles as people have really hunger for the word word of God. I would also like to have a plan so that after we are done I make followups to check with them to encourage them to press on.
The restoration leaders church conference was wonderful! The teaching was exactly what the people of God wanted and the response after the conference is humbling. Despite the many challenges that we faced as the organizers, I am glad that we got the victory at last. I am in communication with all the pastors and church leaders that were present. Out of them, God is giving me some that want to work with us. Besides our two new pastors, dear brothers Phillip and David, God has given us three more. We are now working with them to establish fellowships at their villages. We are passing them through some training to make sure that we are one in spirit and doctrine. We also have two of our brother who have been growing together with us in our Bungoma church. We are trusting God to send them out soon, we will be beginning fellowships for them too as we are making disciples. So, the conference really stirred and energized us up to do more work for God. We feel really encouraged to walk in your footsteps and to call the people to repentance and holiness as the bible commands. My prayer is that when you come back next, we will be able to hold multiple conference in villages where we are beginning this fellowship. I mean taking the word of truth to the people in so many more areas.
I would also want to let you know that the orphanage schools are doing really well and we continue to pray to be able to purchase the land for these precious children(and teachers). Our new mission field now has a new, much needed 2nd teacher. The three teachers at our other school asked me to thank you on their behalf for your love. They said thank you for playing with the orphans and for preaching to them.
I praise the lord because the money you send to me is here. I am happy that God is continuing to answer so many prayers.We inquired of the land and today we talked about and I am happy to note we are beginning a process of buying it. Buying land in Kenya is a bit complicated with a lot of con-men and brokers involved so it requires diligence and patience. We are beginning with a search at the ministry of lands offices then we will proceed. We already detained a lawyer that is leading us through the process. The whole process is likely to take a maximum of two week to complete. I look forward to updating you every step of the way.
God bless you.
You can help dear brother Moses and his mission fields by clicking here or view our most immediate projects we need funding for. God bless you!