February, 2017

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Three Drunkards Come to JESUS in Moyale Kenya

Brother William updates us from Moyale, Kenya. Greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, how are you and how do you do? I am well and fine in the Lord. I thank God this month for His faithfulness up on my life and the field where weRead More


It’s an amazing act of God! The 1st children have been enrolled and the 1st GMFC Christian school, Everlight Elementary has opened in Bangladesh! Be blessed and  a big THANKS to all who helped make this a reality! Glory to JESUS! Brother Hilton updates below(Remember it’s a 90% Muslim and 9%Read More

Micro-Finance to Deliver from Poverty for Generations

Imagine for a minute you have never had $100, or $50, or even $20 at one time in your possession. This is the reality to the ONE BILLION + in the world that make less than $1.25 PER DAY! They use most all of that money to eat what theyRead More