Three Drunkards Come to JESUS in Moyale Kenya

Brother William updates us from Moyale, Kenya.

Greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, how are you and how do you do? I am well and fine in the Lord. I thank God this month for His faithfulness up on my life and the field where we are preaching repentance. There was tribal fighting early this month and I thank God we are all safe, thank you for your prayers, it has worked. It is hard sometimes to preach when there is no peace. Keep praying for peace as this is an election year and also Muslims Ramadan (Fasting )is near. There is a lot of problems as election protests get very violent in Kenya. This month, three well known drunkards repented and gave their lives to Jesus!  The are now serving the Lord Jesus Christ sin free! It’s a great testimony to many people in the village. We, as a local body of believers, had had three days or prayer and fasting last week and it really blessed us to reconnect ourselves to Jesus. I am praying this will be our life in Jesus.We are raising our Sunday school to have good foundation too. It’s really blessing to me when I found them giving praise to Jesus and studying Bible verses. We appreciate the Lord for the PA system. Actually, nothing is impossible with God. No more hiring the equipment by the grace of God. We thank God because our brother Jimmy and GMFC. He has been source of inspiration and blessings to us in the field. Brother Jimmy, thank you for your prayers, support, word of encouragement and humble heart. God bless you abundantly, we are praying for you always. Also, we appreciate all GMFC donors for their great support and we are praying for you all. Without all of you we could not do as much as we do today. May the Lord bless the work of your hands. Keep praying for us as we are starting to construct our first GMFC church. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. AMEN!!! WILLIAM WARIO MOYALE KENYA. 

Short videos of the brethren worshiping Jesus in Moyale!
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