There are no words to describe the incredible sacrifice brothers William, Joshua and the team make in Moyale, Kenya. They literally put their lives on the line daily as they preach in the most remote, tribal and Muslim part of Kenya! They have surely counted the cost. They have no church building and their houses(huts) are too small for home fellowship, so, what do they do, have church service under a TREE! I will not comment further, let’s let brother William share his heart, we just received this update:

Hello brethren, I hope all is well. We had wonderful mission, surely God worked. We shared with so many Muslims. Praise Jesus. We had discussion with them for more than seven hours. More than seventy people where listening and 14 souls confessed Jesus is Lord and promised to come to fellowship and said they will invite more sheiks and Imam and we agreed to meet next Friday. Hallelujah!!!! Truth must be revealed. 

Brother, some they are raising against me and my brother Joshua, surely I am ready to die for the sake of Gospel.  We had fellowship under a tree today and mission in the evening in that village, more than 60 people came, some to watch and others joined to worship. God bless you and the partners who support us and the mission we are on for the Lord. We need more help and laborers to raise up so keep praying as you always do and pray for security too. Love you. 

Brother William Wario

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