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Remote Villages of Bangladesh Hear About Jesus

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Updates from our bangladesh mission fields for December 2018: December 4th, 2015 Praise the Lord. All glory to my Lord, He is the Holy Creator and we are thankful for Him blessing us. Yesterday we visited our new field in Uludanga. Early morning we hire a car to go there. Pastor Tapon and the local leader (Pastor) Nimai was there and joined us. There have 12 families there and when we reached them, they were already waiting for us. We preached the Gospel and encouraged them to come to the Light (Jesus). Most of them are Hindu and 2Read More

The Kibera Slum Church is Built

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We at GMFC have decided to name our local fellowships (churches), so, we came up with “Working Faith Fellowship“. All our mission fields in Kenya & Bangladesh will use this name so we are in unity. Enjoy the updates directly from the Kibera Slum (Nairobi) mission field below. December 1st, 2017 Today I was meeting area village leaders for permission to construct a church. By God’s grace we got approved. They’re so corrupt here in Kenya & they charge alot for it. It’s good for starting tomorrow 12/2/2017. We’re going to build it brethren for His glory! December 2nd, 2017 Read More

Proclaiming the Good News in Bangladesh

Brothers Hilton & Daniel, our indigenous mission leaders in Bangladesh, update below. November 5th, 2017  Praise the Lord, I am giving a warm welcome to all brethren of Christ. We are praising Almighty God for His blessing in our life and ministry. He chooses us for His Heavenly work. And also thankful to our all brethren who are praying for and supporting us through GMFC. I went to our GMFC Christian school and spent some time with children. We taught them Christian songs. You know, most of students of our school are Hindus so we teach them the Gospel,Read More

Sponsored Children Graduating & More in the Kibera Slum of Kenya

Pastor Joseph updates us from the Kibera Slum mission field: November 4th, 2017 – A good Saturday brethren as I attended a graduation ceremony for one of our sponsored children. Her name is Anne Achieng who was graduating to Grade 1. A big blessing brother for this young girl. She is so appreciative of her sponsor and we are too. Here is the letter from Anne Achieng. I thank God for our sponsored children, orphans and needy as they are all doing well in schools work. Glory to Jesus. I pray for more sponsors as the need is soRead More

Ministering Christ & Making Disciples in Moyale Kenya

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After a few weeks of hampered communications, we are so blessed to hear from our indigenous missionaries from Moyale, Kenya (near the Ethiopian border). November 24th, 2017 Praise the Lord dear brethren, how are you and how do you do? I hope you are all well. We are blessed and doing fine in the Lord. This month and last month I faced many challenges but all for the glory of God. Last month we got into an accident while we were on a road test for our mission van. A young man from nowhere hit ran out and hit theRead More

Bangladesh is Receiving Jesus

A land that is inhabited by 90% Muslims and 9% Hindu is receiving the Good News with open arms. Our brethren are ministering in new villages and helping the downtrodden daily. Bangladesh is receiving Jesus because of these faithful brethren. Brother Hilton updates us this month below. Praise the Lord, We are giving to all brethren a warm welcome from Bangladesh. We are really grateful to our Heavenly God because He is continuing to help us in our mission work. We are also giving thanks to our all brothers and sisters who are praying and supporting us for theRead More

Pray for Peace in Northern Kenya

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Brother William Wario updates us from Moyale, Kenya (near the Ethiopian border).  September 24th, 2017 I had great time preaching to a young man. After a long conversation, he decided to receive Jesus. Praise the Lord! He then came to our fellowship and he confessed all his sin before the Lord. The young man called Qalla was a Muslim! Also, it’s so miraculous that nine woman also confessed that Jesus is Lord this week! They also promise to serve the lord all of their remaining time on this earth. I prayed for them in front of congregation while they kneel downRead More

Kibera Slums Shines the LIGHT of JESUS

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The blessings abound on one of the poorest places on earth, the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya! Below are the updates from the month including some precious videos of the children we are training up in the Lord. September 23rd, 2017 We started the work repairing the latrine we’re using here. Finished one room today. Tomorrow I’ll drain it removing the waste from the ground & we will be using it while repairing the other one. We went to the yard for second hand materials. This is what we are doing brethren to serve the community. I thank God for this blessing &Read More

GMFC Mission Fields Update Sept 2017 – Kenya & Bangladesh

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This month we are updating all mission fields in video. To JESUS be all the glory! AMEN   Brother Joseph updates us from where he ministers and lives, the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. One of the most impoverished places on earth. Click here for a more detailed update. Brothers William and Joshua minister to muslims and tribal people in Northern Kenya. Moyale is on the Ethiopian border where the brethren also breach. Many Muslims and tribal people are coming to Christ as the Gospel is preached to the captives. Brothers Hilton & Pastor Tarpon update us from our BangladeshRead More

The Blessings in Kibera Slums as Christ is Preached

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Brother Joseph, our indigenous mission leader from the Kibera slum of Kenya updates us below. 9-3-2017 Glory, glory to Lord Jesus brethren, we thank God for a blessed beautiful Sunday. We’re very sorrowful as yesterday (Saturday) we lost seven of our neighbors children in school fire and some are still fighting for their life in hospitals. A fire burned the dormitory for Moi Girls high school in Kibera. I thank God we’re safe & our fellowship is protected, all of our children are safe, glory to Jesus. Our teaching for Sunday service was from the book of Galatians 5:16-26. 9-8-2017 As youRead More

The First GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh

The First GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh

Brother Hilton, our indigenous Bangladeshi mission leader, updates us on the first GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh and much more! Praise the Lord. All Glory to the Lord Jesus. Greetings to you from Bangladesh. We are very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ who is always giving us strength, power, and making us His soldiers for His great work. We are thankful to you all who are praying and supporting us for mission work at Bangladesh. This is the report of August 2017 which highlights our work including the first GMFC Christian church in Bangladesh. First GMFC Church inRead More