Read How Jesus is Moving in Kenya!

Pastor Moses updates from Bungoma Kenya. This is what true disciples of Jesus do! Help these brethren as they labor day and night to save souls. Imagine just $45 per week to provide life-saving Moringa (superfood) for 100+ children! 


Praise be to God.
It has been a very busy month working at the farm and monitoring the progress of our Moringa.Besides working at the farm, the ministry duties seem to increase each day. I thank God for his grace that is enabling me to serve him.
I would like to let you and the the brethren know the the Bungoma mission field is working well by His grace. We continue to minister the to the lost as well as equipping each other with the truth. Brethren, we had our monthly pastoral meeting last week part one. The testimonies coming out of this meetings are great. We are glad that God is convicting sinners through those meetings. I remember updating you about the earlier meeting that we held at Pastor Davids place. At the adjacent outside field, there were hundreds of SDA’s who had gathered there for days with their usual heretic teaching. When be began teaching, there were mature men and youths who overheard us and moved closer to listen. After we had left, they approached the resident pastor and asked him about us. They said that is the kind of truth they have been looking for and immediately converted from SDA to our fellowship. Praise Jesus! These people were present in our meeting and testified in the hearing of everybody. Brother  Joseph can confirm this. And this is what the lord is able to do. There is continued revival in our fellowships as we continue to walk in obedience and truth. I am trusting God to have an expansion of our place of worship because it’s full. The fellowship that Pastor David leads is also full. It’s a rented place and is completely full. We are trusting the lord for finances to get a small piece of land for the church there.
All is  also well with our orphanage schools too. We have an extra 30 children at both schools since last update. I am very happy because in the heart of the villages are these two school that offer purely Christian foundation to these poor orphans. As you may already know, the teachers are all born again and we try our best to not just of offer education, but a spiritual foundation which is the most important. I don’t not just concentrate with the kids, my concentration majorly is to equip the teachers as they are the ones that spend the most time with kids. We have added 2 more teachers.

I did introduce moringa to their porridge and now there is a big change. They are not as sickly as they used to be and I know with time, they will be fully in good health. Brother, the challenge is Moringa is very expensive, we tried to get it in bulk from George, “Mr. Wonderful”, and was not possible. So, I remained with an option to be buying from the store which is very expensive by Kenyan standards. Our school uses at least 1 kg of Moringa flour every week and a kg is 4500 ($45 UDS per week) to feed 1oo+ children.

To conclude, we are likely to do transplanting in the ground a week’s time. I also talked to Mr Wonderful for more seeds, what we put in the seed bed may not complete a full acre. He will be giving me more seeds, praise God!

Also please keep our Moyale trip in your prayers as we travel up there in 3 weeks to help them start their Moringa farm.

God bless you. Brother Moses Wafula