GMFC Moyale Kenya August 2015

The update from our brother William and his mission team of 26 from Moyale Kenya is simply incredible! In his words:

“We had wonderful time of evangelism and God enabled us to reach many souls and win for Christ in Illamu, Ethiopia which is east of Moyale. It is a very dry area occupied by religious and traditional people. We had to evangelize door to door moving from one house to another. It is tiresome, but I must do it because it is commission from my Lord Jesus. Some people reject us and others insult us. I really thank God because of GMFC due to their support which enabled us to go such far place for mission with a team of twenty six. I again appreciate GMFC for provision of motorbike which make my work of evangelism easier. I use to walk long distance preaching Jesus and being so tired when I come back in the evening, but now I just fuel my motorbike and running and come back home on time. I sent you photos of evangelism which I took when we were at mission field.God will reward you for all that your doing for his kingdom brother jimmy.praying for you. Love and peace in Jesus name. AMEN.”

Please watch the video below and God bless you!

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