Muslims Come to Christ in Moyale Kenya – June Update

Brother William Kosi, our indigenous Northern Kenya mission leader updates below:

One thing I observed in our field, the Muslims hate to hear the sermon and rarely give attention to it, but, when it comes the praise and worship time, they are so attracted to watch so that is why we do fellowship in all the villages from one house to another. We use our PA system for praise and worship and when they all surround to watch, we start preaching. Praise the Lord. Many are hearing True gospel.

Praise the Lord as today we had great fellowship with our new fellowship believers in Golole, Kenya. They worship in the power of The Holy Spirit. Although they have no electricity, no means of transport, no clean water, no good market to buy from and they walk like 25-30 km to get necessities while there is no internet network, there is the full of presence of God. Hallelujah!!!

There is one traditional person who believed in Jesus some two years ago after we evangelize to him. That time his wife was so deep in traditional false religion and so resistance to gospel. We encouraged her several time and prayed for her. After sometime she also received Christ. She became more serious than her husband! Imagine now husband have backslidden and she is still doing fellowship with us. Remember to pray for the husband of Elema.

Also, this is the month of Ramadan to muslims so they fast. During this period, normally there is a lot of evil things happening; tribal fighting, animal raiding, many “accidents” and so many evil work. So far over 2000 cattle was stolen from Borana tribe and seven people were murdered this week. Government took no action against it. We are always fighting against this evil spirit in our fellowship, let stand in one spirit and break them.

We had a very blessed Sunday worship. Three new souls got saved and one old man reconnected with God. We are overwhelmed by the glory of our Lord, praise Jesus.

God is looking for a true Church. Many people think that church is building and only becoming “holy on Sunday and go to church. I was telling believers Church is our heart, our actions. We should be the church of Christ every where, in everything. Most people do evil out side there and pretend to be holy when they come on Sunday.

The church is people not building.

– (Rev 7:9 ) The Church is a great multitude gathered from all nations and tribes.
– Know you not that you are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwells in you? 1 Corinthians 3:16 
– Church is the body of Christ – Colossians 1:24, Ephesians 1:23.
– The Church is founded on Jesus Christ, and He is it’s head.
– Colossian 1:18

God bless all the brethren. -William Wario