Our Overseer Jimmy is Heading to India to get his 18th Surgery Under General Anesthesia

Long before I gave my everything to Jesus and crucified my flesh, I was living like a “rock star”. That led to a horrible automobile accident in 1993. My head went through the window while my feet smashed into the floorboard. My ankle was immediately broke and they were picking glass out of my head for a while. My back and neck also suffered greatly and the last many years it got to a point where I could barely walk some days.

I tried a surgeon in the US and he only took out a sliver of bone during a 10 minute surgery. I actually needed a 5 level lumbar fusion which the Dr in India did so very well. No more BACK pain and cost 80% less than the money hungry Dr’s in America.

I am bringing, Lord willing, a dear brother to experience the incredible love, compassion and dedication to Jesus from the Indian and Bangladeshi brethren. I am asking you to help me with supporting this dear soul financially to get him established. We also need an incredible amount of money to help feed the new mission field we have in the Kolkata slum, etc.

Please, click here to help. I am not looking for a dime to help for my travel or surgery, etc. I pay for all that by my labours in my businesses and donate the rest to the ministry, for Jesus.

We are looking for one-time donors as well as monthly supporters for the dear indigenous missionaries of the 3rd World as they minister to the downtrodden. One time donors are cherished and monthly recurring donors are also incredibly important as then we can plan a budget, etc.

Thanks so much and to Jesus be all the glory. AMENJimmy Miller

Checks can be sent to:

Working Faith Fellowship Church
1696 Harvill Rd
Wauchula, FL 33873


  • 1993 Bad Car Accident – broke ankle and needed my 1st surgery
  • 1993 Pins Removed (Surgery)
  • 1997 Arthroscopy of the Ankle (Surgery to clean the surfaces of the joint to reduce pain)
  • 2000 Right Hand Surgery – broke bone in hand
  • 2010 – 2012 NINE ANKLE SURGERIES (9)
  • 2012 Appendectomy
  • 2022 (May) Lumbar Spine Laminectomy – Useless $ hungry American “Dr” does 15 minute surgery and no pain relief at all!
  • January 2023 – 5 LEVEL Lumbar Fusion Surgery (this is what I needed in the 1st place)
  • May 2023 – Revision Lumbar Surgery to take one screw out that was hitting a nerve (the most successful surgery I have ever had). Absolutely no pain at all in my back.
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