Sunday Worship in Banglabazer, Bangladesh!

Below is a note from our mission partner Pastor Hilton Biswas. He recently moved and is evangelizing new people daily. Praise the Lord!

“Sunday Worship Report!

Praise the Lord! I like to thank my Lord for His mercy to us and His blessing to us. We also grateful to Him for He give us the chance to do His worship with the people who have no Pastor or leader who can preach in them or teach them… Also thankful to all my friends who are praying for us everyday and helping us with idea and advice.

Its our Banglabazer field and the good news is I have a friend with me who attend with me at our Sunday Worship service. Amen.. He is Muslim, his name is “Motin”. He is a Carpenter. I Invite him to join with us at our worship and I take a chance to share the Gospel to him… My Lord Jesus is great plan maker…. Motin invite me to his home today (Monday) to pray for his family because he have some prayer request. I will go today to his home and will meet with his family and pray for his family and needs. I also request to my friends please pray for him and me that we can talk about the Gospel in him family..

“Below are some photo of his family with some prayer request to all of you. Please be ready to pray and meet them. God bless you and yours, Amen”