The Incredible Blessing of GMFC Child Sponsorship

The slideshow below will illustrate the incredible blessings not only given but received from child sponsorship through GMFC. You will see how happy the children are and many are orphans. Included are a few letters from the children to their sponsors and also report cards from their school. Some come from widowed mothers too, you will see a widow smiling as she receives food as a result of the sponsors monthly support. The atrocious fact is, 21,000 children die daily from man-made poverty and it’s preventable if everyone just gave a little! If we all obeyed God and gave to the poor, there would be ZERO deaths from greed. If one does not heed the commands in Matthew 25:33-46, they will reap eternal destruction. Check out our poverty calculator and then read James 5:1-6. 100% of all donations go directly to the mission fields to help these precious souls grow up with the truth of Jesus written on their hearts. Join us and sponsor a child for just $15 per month. You will change lives forever!

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