GMFC Moyale Kenya Update – December 2015

Update from brother William on our Moyale, Kenya mission field.

Greeting to you brother Jimmy and all the GMFC partners. I thank God for this precious moment to give report. There was fighting and hostility this month and no freedom of movement in the town and villages due to fear. Thank God for His courage as we still press on praising the Lord and preaching repentance and Holiness. We had three days of fasting and praying for peace. Glory to God! Our prayer even made the president of Kenya to visit Moyale for a peace meeting. Thank you for your prayers too. I have seen God working in all of what is happening. Otherwise, I praise God connecting me to GMFC which enabled me to learn more about sin and repentance, the missing part of the modern-day false gospel that is being preached worldwide.  My life is transforming from sinful life to righteousness of God. I appreciate brother Jimmy for the teachings he gave me about against x -mass and satan clause. Many people are talking about x-mass and I have started preaching the truth to them. It was a privilege to me to give my testimony and sharing with brother Jimmy and all of GMFC this month on the call. Thank you all for the monthly support toward ministry and needy children’s throughout the year. We have really gone far by the help of God and your support. Church is growing also and many souls are coming from vain religion to born again Christian.We are praying and expecting much from God this coming year, 2016. Also, you will find some updated pictures of our sponsored children. I have sent many more for sponsorship Thank you and God bless you. – Brother William

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