Brother William Preaches Repentance and Holiness in Moyale Kenya to the Anglicans


William Preaching

Brother William Preaching

Glory be to God, I had wonderful time preaching to Anglican church congregation calling them to repentance. Actually, it was a strange message to them.  I found some people touched and started crying. They are so religious more than spiritual. I asked them how many times you lied or taken Gods name in vain? How many times you lusted in your heart? Adultery?(Mt 5:28) and etc. If you you have broken Gods law in this way he finds you guilty. I saw a woman crying so much. After service I got a time ask why did she was crying when I was sharing the word. She told me she is a widow, but living with another man who is not her husband for now more than six years! The “pastor” told her before that it is not sin to stay with that person because you are young and need children. This person was not her husband and he has no want to marry her. I told her it is wrong and she needs to repent and come back to Jesus. So many things happened and I shared Gospel coin with them. Thank you for your prayers brother, I was humbled. There are so many so called “Christians” that and going to hell due to lack of true message. Let pray for churches and “pastors” who are misleading people, we are not called to please people but to tell them the truth.
Anglican Congregation Hearing the TRUTH!

Anglican Congregation Hearing the TRUTH!