GMFC Moyale Update Feb 2016 – Testimony of William

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus brother, how are you and how do you do? I am so greatful to report the wonderful work of God in Moyale, Kenya. This is the hottest month here but the grace of God is sufficient.  I give God glory to connect me to GMFC and brother Jimmy. God gave me a new heart and situation in Moyale spiritually since I started working with GMFC for know three years. My life has changed and has been transformed through the teaching of GMFC from sin to salvation. Before I was a lukewarm christian going to church, preaching the word and being the same as the sinners, no effectiveness in the ministry. Since I committed myself to the teaching of my dear brother Jimmy and GMFC, I was revived and my life transformed. The church began to grow, I started fighting against sin in my life and in the church. Some believers ran away who wanted to keep on sinning, but others surrendered! I continue rebuking sin and teaching repentance so many people understood the message and came back to God.
Below are the pictures of our church. The church is not building but our hearts. We were using benches to sit on which is very uncomfortable for so many years. But we thank God! Through the support of GMFC, we have now good and comfortable chairs. Also, so many of our needy children get opportunity to go to school and their parents and guardians are so happy, specially Tume Duba who has support from no one but GMFC. By the help of God through brother Jimmy and GMFC, she is studying and comfortable because of the sponsor. God is doing so many great things in Moyale, Kenya. I surely praise the name of our Lord Jesus. May God bless GMFC and brother Jimmy for their prayers and support. I am praying and look forward to meet you when you visit Kenya in June.

GOD BLESS YOU. Brother William

William sponsor a child kenya Kanya