“Worshiping Under a Tree” – GMFC Moyale Kenya Update 1-2016

Brother William reports from our northern Kenya mission field. They are so poor monetarily but RICH SPIRITUALLY! Titled “Worshiping Under a Tree“. Glory to GOD! Click here to help William reach more lost souls.

Hello brother Jimmy and GMFC, how are you all doing? Hope all is well with you. I am well and fine. I thank God for his faithfulness this month though more challenges are there and I know why the challenges are, the more I commit myself to the Lord the more challenges comes, all for His glory. I had precious time traveling from one place to another this month witnessing Jesus to the pastor-less who are living in the bush tending to their animals and feeding their children and teaching them the word of God. They are so ignored and forgotten people. Many ministers sadly focus in downtown areas where there are large amounts of offerings and a comfortable worldly life. I praise God for what he has done through GMFC with me to reach lost souls and give them a heart to receive Jesus. I often visit those saved souls and worship with them under a tree to encourage them and pray with them. I am so blessed to have them and be with them. They are growing spiritually and turning back from their immoral conduct. Let’s pray for good structure and where to worship brother Jimmy because it’s difficult to worship under a tree during rainy season. God has the way where seems to be no way. See the pictures I sent through email. One week and three days ago my wife got into an accident and got fractured in between the elbow and shoulder, it was great pain specially during night cold, but thank you for your prayers, she now sleeps well and continues to recover. I appreciate all your love and encouragement toward the mission and lost souls and GMFC at large for their monthly support towards the Children and their parents, guardians etc. Many are benefiting spiritually and physically. Brother Jimmy, I am surely praying to God to build a Christian school here in Moyale Kenya as many of the young generation are misled by Muslims and I feel bad so much when I visit many schools here. Please, let’s pray God to bless us with a great financial blessing to start a much needed Christian school . Silver and gold belong to our God. I pray that one day you will come and see soon.
Praying for you and all the partners, both prayer and financial, of GMFC. God bless you-

William Wario

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