Help Preach the TRUE Gospel to MILLIONS in Mexico!

I had the great blessing of meeting brother Wayne a few months ago. He stayed at my home and his story of 68 years on the mission field is AMAZING. He needs our help as he is finalizing the AM radio station that will broadcast the TRUE Gospel of Jesus, repentance and holiness, to MILLIONS in Mexico. Please see below on how to become a monthly partner for just $38 per month. This pays for the electricity for one day of broadcasting and will be an incredible act of obedience to the Lord. Imagine being responsible for reaching MILLIONS with the Gospel! For about $1 per day, you can do just that! Below is this months update. You can also click here to lean more about the Mexico mission.

The Distance is helped by a good ground with 20 lbs of salt and carbon.salt copper anground antenna

Meggie and I are happy to report that we are busy in the work here. We have so many contacts from every week in the plaza. One Brother Javier who is preaching with us is an attorney who has moved here from a town with little opportunity where the wife who is a doctor and 6 children are still finishing the school year in August. It is hard for him and we prayed with him as had to give up the place he rented and God answered the last afternoon and we helped him move.Great progress has been made and the engineer who cares for 6 stations is ready to make it work. We have the antenna in place and have found the ground for the signal is very important. We dug a 5 foot pit and filled it with layers of carbon and salt and a solid copper plate to be able to go as far as we can reach. We have the tubes installed but still lacking the installation of the adjustable connections to the antenna. The helper of the engineer has been sick for two weeks and on top of this he had to install a special connection in the stations for the visit of the pope. Perhaps in two or three weeks we will be putting out our first signal. We will begin the cost of $38 per day for the electricity to put out the 5000 watt signal.

Jesus spoke in Jn 17:11 to our Holy Father. For the pope to apply this title to himself makes him a blasphemer of the highest order. Pretending to sacrifice Jesus anew in each mass and to teach that the “host” becomes a literal portion of Jesus’ dead body is denying that Jesus reigns in glory and that he will return. Pretending that they are saved by producing and sacrificing his literal body in the mass using the passage where Jesus says Jua 6:54Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.” to assure their salvation by the priest putting the wafer on their tongue saves them until their next sin after which they need go to the next mass. Jesus as King of Glory is offended by every mass and every mass is a curse on the participants. Preaching this by radio to the millions will bring persecution. But preaching the joy of being born again will bring them to hear Jesus speaking to their hearts and freedom from these gates of hell behind which they are locked in. Thank you for helping me lay down my life for them like Jesus lay down his life for me.

Wayne and Maggie Searfoss Profile PictureWe trust the preaching of our resurrected Jesus contrasted with the plight of the poor priests as we have preached here in this city will bring hope and salvation to the poor people forever locked in drunkenness and despair, out of reach of FM radio and TV.

Wayne and Meggie Searfoss

Sharing the Gospel in Queretaro, Mexico

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