The First GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh

The First GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh

Brother Hilton, our indigenous Bangladeshi mission leader, updates us on the first GMFC Christian Church in Bangladesh and much more!

Praise the Lord. All Glory to the Lord Jesus. Greetings to you from Bangladesh. We are very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ who is always giving us strength, power, and making us His soldiers for His great work. We are thankful to you all who are praying and supporting us for mission work at Bangladesh. This is the report of August 2017 which highlights our work including the first GMFC Christian church in Bangladesh.

First GMFC Church in Bangladesh
After one month hard work we completed the first GMFC Church construction. We went to Tala for the inauguration ceremony. It is the first GMFC Christian church in Bangladesh. It was the first service and worship of the new church. Pastor Tapon began the ceremony and service with prayer. After the prayer, he gave inaugural speech starting with Psalm 122:1. “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” He gave short speech on this blessed and beautiful verse. He encouraged everyone to come to Lord’s House so they can be edified. We taught them today about Church rules because many are new Christians. We have 30+ children and 10+ youths who will be continuing attend Sunday school and youth service. All of our members are very happy for the new Church. Actually we started our Church service in an unfurnished room but we hope and pray that God will provide our needs to continue the mission work. Again, we want to thank all of our brethren for your prayers and support.

Sponsorship and School
Presently we have about 84 children in our sponsorship program which we are supporting every month with education, health and spiritual means. We are providing them free education, health support, family support, financial support and the Word of God. Our local volunteers are working hard for them in this rainy season. Every Sunday, they are arranging Sunday school with family visit as most of them they cannot get around because of huge rain but we are always available for them. We are also continuing our school as well we get sunny day in the rainy season. Our school yard was very low lying due to which waterlogging was created. We put even more sand in the land in hopes it will not get waterlogged again. Our teachers are very industrious and working uninterrupted as we direction them. This month we had a teaching and meeting at my home and we invited all of them, they really enjoy the teaching and meeting.

Monthly Outreach
Every month we do an outreach and this month we visited a new village. You can view this blessed update by clicking here.

Prayer Request for Land
We have been praying for farmland for over 1 year. We need suitable land where we can start an agriculture project, but land is so expensive and scarce in a country less than the size of Florida, USA, yet  has 1/2 of the population of the entire US(170 million). The land is very important for the superfood Moringa project. Through these projects we can help so many and become self-sufficient. The money we make will be used only for our mission work to call the lost to repentance and to help the orphan and widow and the “least of these”. We can help poor people and children. We are continuing to look for suitable land daily. We believe that God will help us find a blessed piece of land. Please pray with us that we find land as soon as possible. God bless you and yours and thanks so much. Amen