The need is so great in Kenya and Bangladesh as widows are treated as 3rd class citizens and most always cast off from their families when their husband dies. It’s a terribly wicked custom and we are asking obedient Christians to help us help them, in Jesus name. I will post a quote from our Kibera Slums leader from Kenya, brother Joseph Otieno.

Praise Jesus brother, I thank God brother & I am praying for you and the GMFC partners, God bless you all. Much glory to Jesus because of your hard work. In the Kibera Slums we’re thankful and praying for each home to have their daily bread, which is not possible in many homes right now. Ordinary people are starving because of an artificial shortage of commonly used foods and price hikes.

Always I cry to God brother as I live in the middle of the poor orphans, widows and the sick. Nobody is greater than one another here, they’re all equal in their suffering. Allow me to add these widows, God bless you brother. We are praying we can help so many more in great need in Jesus name, Amen.

A message from one of our indigenous missionaries in the 3rd world.

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