Another Child Dies in Kenya

We know the statistics, they are gut wrenching! 21,000+ children under the age of 5 years old in Africa & Asia die horrible deaths DAILY from man-made poverty. The developed world hoards all the money while the majority of the world perishes and lives in dire poverty! So many will be held accountable in judgement day that think they will waltz into Heaven! Last week we lost a 5 year old child in Bungoma whose family is in our fellowship. This week I was just informed that brother Joseph’s(our Kibera Slums Nairobi Leader) 10 month old granddaughter passed away. Click here to help the Kibera Slums brethrenHe updates us below:

Amen brother, praise Jesus I’m back in Nairobi from a long prosperous journey. I traveled 250 miles for a pastors meeting, hosted by the Bungoma brethren, that was held in Kitale for leaders only. Then on Saturday and Sunday we had Church fellowship in Bungoma. It was well attended and a blessed one. The teaching was in the book of Genesis 49:23-24 and Mark 5:1-6 “The Archers”. While I was teaching, l received a sad message of death a member of my family. My Granddaughter, aged 10 months passed away. On Monday I traveled to my Home village and many attended the funeral. I thank God for his majesty as the name of Jesus was praised and all was for his glory. I thank you brother and our GMFC sponsors. All these things were possible because of your support and prayers, I’m praying for you brethren that we get more sponsors as the need is so big even in the Village. Jesus bless you all. -Pastor Joseph Otieno