Bangladesh on the Move for Jesus

Our mission leader, brother Hilton Biswas, updates us from Khulna, Bangladesh where we have 5 mission fields. You can help the Bangladesh brethren by clicking here.

Praise the Lord. All Glory to Lord. We are thankful to the Lord for His blessings. We are giving thanks from Bangladesh to all brothers and sisters for prayer and support.

1st GMFC Christian School in Bangladesh: Everlight Elementary School: From the beginning of this year, we started our School and it’s really going very well. Our teachers and working are doing very hard work for the school. Our main goal is Gospel preaching and teaching those children who are with us. We are giving them our Government curriculum selected education what is called “English and Bangla Version” as well as we are teaching them about Christianity. We are giving them Biblical education that they would never learn elsewhere as we are in a 90% Muslim & 9% Hindu country. We believe our teaching will help them stay in Jesus and His blessings. Our Teachers are really very friendly to them and their parents too. Every month we arrange a parents meeting and we invite all of them to attend. This allows us to talk to them and share the Gospel to them while updating them about their children’s education. Mostly we preach to them and now they know who is Jesus Christ and where the help and support came from for their children’s good education. Some times we provide food and fruit to all students where from they get vitamins what they need. We give them health and physical education & give them a good opportunity for exercise and general knowledge education too. We hope our hard work will make a good future for them in Lord. Amen

1st GMFC Church in Bangladesh: We are starting a Church house building at Tala, Satkhira. Our Pastor Tapon has been planting seeds there and working for many months. We now have 23 families there who are in our fellowship there. Pastor Tapon is preaching to and teaching them. Now they need a small place because there have not enough room for them to sit together, so, we are working to build a small Church for them where they can join every week and also we can do all local ministry work from the Church too. Brother Showan and Samir were there Last 2 days to ask price of church construction materials at the market. Also, they attended weekly fellowship. We are hoping next week in 15th June we can start our construction work.

1st Moringa, Agricultural and Poultry Project: Moringa is a blessing for Bangladesh. We are now working for a Moringa project at Bangladesh. Last few months we have been looking for a suitable piece of farmland (about 1/3 acre). We pray our Heavenly Lord will deliver us this land soon. We will do a Moringa, agricultural, poultry and fishing project too that will provide us vegetable and meat that we can use for our volunteer families which will help us for our daily need. We request to you all please pray for the land as it’s very scarce in this very populated country.

GMFC Sponsorship project: We have 5 child sponsorship projects here in Bangladesh and we are helping about 84 children. Every month our local volunteers continue contact them and help them. We have tuition school in all fields and we have 5 teachers what are working with them. They are doing Sunday school and also parents meeting every month. We are very sorry because last few months we cannot answer the letters because of our busyness. We are going to take one more volunteer for sponsorship project who will be work only for children and letters, etc will be answered promptly as before.

Brother Santo’s House: We planned for brother Santo’s small family house at our School compound. We are still waiting for road construction work to conclude is front of our school before we can start. The problem is the local contractor is wasting time for the work. We are praying to the Lord that the road work will finish soon so we can start to build Santo’s house there. We also we need to fill in some sand in our school yard before rainy season but it’s also waiting for road work. We are asking for prayer that they can finish work soon.

Office and volunteers: Presently we are doing all of our work from my home but sometime it can be a problem with so many people coming in and out. Family and office is not good together in one place, especially with just a few room home. So, from next month, we are going to shift our office work to our School because there we have extra room that we can use of all office work. We are going to add one more volunteer worker as an admin. Actually, I am very busy for moringa project for now and after that, I will be back for field visit and outreach again. I know God will show us His chosen person for His ministry. We request, please pray for us and our mission that we can continue to work and preach His word in Bangladesh. God bless you and yours. Amen