Cholera, Poverty & JESUS in the Kibera Slums of Kenya

Pastor Joseph Otieno updates us from the impoverished Kibera Slums of Nairobi Kenya. On top of being impoverished, they are experiencing a cholera outbreak. Join us in helping these precious souls as we minister the Bread of Life as well as physical healing like Moringa superfood to help build their immune systems. We need much help as so many are sick.

Praise Jesus brethren… A good Sunday fellowship today (17-7-2017) in the Kibera Slum, it’s peaceful here today. They topic today was, NOAH, JOB & GOD’s testimony… Genesis 6:5-9, and, Noah walked with God. Job 1:1-8. That there is none like him in the Earth… Psalms 81:11-14. Oh that my people had hearkened unto me, and Israel had walked in my ways!
We’re very thankful brother for you and GMFC partners as we can smile, even though life is so hard economically and health wise. So many are sick and we’re experiencing an outbreak of cholera in Nairobi and the Kibera Slums is the risky area. Today after service, we went house to house praying for our brethren meeting some of our GMFC sponsored orphans and supported widows. Praying to meet widows in SEGA, SIAYA mission field next Wednesday 26/07/2017.  All for His glory….. God bless you brethren. Thanks so much for your support. Amen -Pastor Joseph Otieno



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