Bibles in Bangladesh

A note from Pastor Hilton Biswas from his new location in Dhaka, Bangladesh. “Praise the Lord! I am really Grateful to Lord for He leading us to work at Bangladesh for the Gospel. and i am thankful to my brother Bro Paulo Gomes, because of his work, he campaign for us to get the Bible for Bangladesh people. We got 40 Bangali Bible and 10 Kitab al-Muqaddas (Muslim Version Bangali Bible). Amen. i like to thanks my friends who helped us with their prayer, sharing and offering for our Bible. Now is time to give the Bible at ChurchRead More


The water well at Kaikor Church in Turkana County is complete. GMFC Pastor Julius Makanji is putting on the finishing touches but clean water is being drawn. Well over 1,700 people will benefit from this well! A note from the field: “The gathering we have every evening is bearing fruits. People who worshiped animals, ancestors and mountains are now worshiping the true living God! They are now receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior. We are winning Brothers & Sisters. Turkanas are among the unreached people groups in the world and where we are is the very interior, poorest partRead More

Youth Bible Study – Saver Dhaka, Bangladesh

We are thankful! We are happy that we completed our program bible study on 29th November 13 successfully. We giving thanks to our Heavenly Lord and our partners who prayed and support us for this program. It was really a miracle and blessed. I believe our Lord was with us. I believe we will touch many through prayer and obedience. Total attendance: 40 youths. We started our worship with Local Pastor Ajit Biswas (UCJC). We sang songs and prayed for our Program. We thanked to God for our partners. We prayed to God and asked HIM for our allRead More


ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Posted on June 6, 2013 Everyone at Global Mission for Children is thrilled to announce our 1 year anniversary! Here are some achievements this past year thanks to our faithful supporters. We are so grateful to all our missionaries and are happy to note we are still 100% volunteer so every penny is used to give these children a chance at life. 1st Kenya Well Dug On behalf of the people of Shitaho Village in Kakamega-Kenya I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for funding the only well that will serve the 1200 people who live here.Read More