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Kibera Slums Shines the LIGHT of JESUS

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The blessings abound on one of the poorest places on earth, the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya! Below are the updates from the month including some precious videos of the children we are training up in the Lord. September 23rd, 2017 We started the work repairing the latrine we’re using here. Finished one room today. Tomorrow I’ll drain it removing the waste from the ground & we will be using it while repairing the other one. We went to the yard for second hand materials. This is what we are doing brethren to serve the community. I thank God for this blessing &Read More

GMFC Mission Fields Update Sept 2017 – Kenya & Bangladesh

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This month we are updating all mission fields in video. To JESUS be all the glory! AMEN   Brother Joseph updates us from where he ministers and lives, the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. One of the most impoverished places on earth. Click here for a more detailed update. Brothers William and Joshua minister to muslims and tribal people in Northern Kenya. Moyale is on the Ethiopian border where the brethren also breach. Many Muslims and tribal people are coming to Christ as the Gospel is preached to the captives. Brothers Hilton & Pastor Tarpon update us from our BangladeshRead More

The Blessings in Kibera Slums as Christ is Preached

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Brother Joseph, our indigenous mission leader from the Kibera slum of Kenya updates us below. 9-3-2017 Glory, glory to Lord Jesus brethren, we thank God for a blessed beautiful Sunday. We’re very sorrowful as yesterday (Saturday) we lost seven of our neighbors children in school fire and some are still fighting for their life in hospitals. A fire burned the dormitory for Moi Girls high school in Kibera. I thank God we’re safe & our fellowship is protected, all of our children are safe, glory to Jesus. Our teaching for Sunday service was from the book of Galatians 5:16-26. 9-8-2017 As youRead More

Post Election Chaos Coupled with Blessings in the Kibera Slums of Kenya

Pastor Joseph, our indigenous mission leader in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi Kenya updates us from the last few weeks with many videos, including the post election chaos, children saying thank you Jesus for the Moringa superfood and much more. Blessings in the Kibera slums: UPDATE August 11th, 2017: We’re praying for the Kibera Slum right now. After announcing the reelection of president Uhuru Kenyatta, protests started, many fighting with police, tear gas every where, sound of fire arms, destruction of properties, etc. Praying for calm and no one to get murdered. Early in the day there was aRead More

Widows and Children Helped in Siaya Kenya

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Brother Joseph updates below from the Kibera Slum and Siaya Kenya mission fields. Widows and children are being helped greatly as they are fed physical food and the Bread of Life! Praise Jesus brother, a good journey to and from Sega, Siaya mission field. Much greeting to you brother and all mission partners from Siaya widows. Shining hope for these widows brother after their monthly support. Earlier in the morning I visited these widows brother, they are struggling with farm work and I helped. Glory to Jesus. After noon we had a blessed fellowship. I feed them with the word and IRead More

Murder & Blessings in the Kibera Slums of Kenya

Brother Joseph updates us from the GMFC mission field in the Kibera Slums .  August 6th, 2017 Update: Praise Jesus brother, A good Sunday, we still find brethren who are able to raise the Kingdom of God. Many urban areas of Kenya are deserted, people run to their tribal villages in fear of election violence. Praying for peace be maintained now and after election. Glory to Jesus, we had a great fellowship in Kibera slum today, the topic was the Faith of Noah. Genesis 7:1 & Hebrews 11:7. We can’t forget to pray for you and GMFC partners! ManyRead More

Blessed are the Poor! Kibera Slum Update

One of the most beautiful verses in the bible is: Luke 6:20 And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God. I want to post Albert Barne’s commentary on this verse (as well as the correlating verse of Matthew 5:3). What a wise and eloquent description of scripture: Poor in spirit – Luke says simply, Blessed are the poor. It has been disputed whether Christ meant the poor in reference to the things of this life, or to the humble. The gospel is said to beRead More

Cholera, Poverty & JESUS in the Kibera Slums of Kenya

Pastor Joseph Otieno updates us from the impoverished Kibera Slums of Nairobi Kenya. On top of being impoverished, they are experiencing a cholera outbreak. Join us in helping these precious souls as we minister the Bread of Life as well as physical healing like Moringa superfood to help build their immune systems. We need much help as so many are sick. Praise Jesus brethren… A good Sunday fellowship today (17-7-2017) in the Kibera Slum, it’s peaceful here today. They topic today was, NOAH, JOB & GOD’s testimony… Genesis 6:5-9, and, Noah walked with God. Job 1:1-8. That there isRead More

Kibera Slums Worship Jesus

Pastor Joseph Otieno gives us a fantastic update below from the last two weeks and exciting news of the Bungoma brethren who will be visiting this weekend! (6-25-2017) Brethren, we thank God for a very blessed and a successful Sunday fellowship.  Our message today was “Nehemiah’s Request”. Our foundational scripture was Nehemiah 2:1-5 “Sorrow of Heart “. Praise Jesus brother & I thank God for new members we’re adding up every Sunday, and all for his glory!   (7-2-2017) Today we prayed for our brethren in Bungoma. Next Sunday 9/07/2017, we’re hosting them in Kibera for Church fellowship and leadersRead More

Widows Orphans & Jesus in Kibera & Siaya Kenya

June 11th, 2017 brother Jospeh updates: Glory to Jesus! I thank you all so much. I and Kibera church appreciate your hard work through Global Mission for Children. No matter the consequences we’re facing in Kibera, we’re Happy because of GMFC support as nobody will die of hunger. Our children and much healthier and going to school. God bless you all! I personally want to thank teacher brother Aaron for the love and kind heart for supporting us spiritually and helping our needy children. May God bless you all.   A blessed Sunday in our repaired church hut. TopicRead More

Another Child Dies in Kenya

We know the statistics, they are gut wrenching! 21,000+ children under the age of 5 years old in Africa & Asia die horrible deaths DAILY from man-made poverty. The developed world hoards all the money while the majority of the world perishes and lives in dire poverty! So many will be held accountable in judgement day that think they will waltz into Heaven! Last week we lost a 5 year old child in Bungoma whose family is in our fellowship. This week I was just informed that brother Joseph’s(our Kibera Slums Nairobi Leader) 10 month old granddaughter passed away.Read More